Welcome to your Virtual Press Room at Centro Leon

Centro Leon is a nonprofit institution that belongs to the Eduardo León Jimenes Foundation, which opened its doors in 2003. It’s a cultural center that houses four exhibition rooms, a media library, an auditorium, multipurpose lounges, a Caribbean menu cafeteria sand a shop where you can buy selected products, related to and prepared by national art crafters and from the Great Caribbean. In the gardens there’s a collection of sculptures, native and endemic plants, with birds and reptiles that make an aviary their home.

Besides meeting the standards set by the International Council of Museums and the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization, Centro León carries out a vary of programs and projects related to art, culture and environmental topics, that benefit community development throughout the strengthening of three central focuses: creativity, identity and habitability.

Thanks to the cooperation of private donors and partnerships arranged with responsible businesses and cultural institutions in the country and from the world, Centro León works for the Dominicans in a Caribbean context through art and culture.

Receives 66,000 visitors on average each year and in its first decade has executed more than 90 national and international exhibitions, not to mention the more than 2,500 public activities that have been organized so far.


Its main projects are the Eduardo León Jimenes Art Contest, private initiative that started back in 1964 and founded the creation of this cultural institution, and the International Congress of Music, Identity and Culture in the Caribbean, which started in 2005. On an ongoing basis, Centro Leon performs exhibitions, educational and sociocultural animation practices, where a large number of programs are designed to fulfill the needs of various public of interest.


Futher to receiving awards for its various programs and projects, in 2009 Centro León was recognized as Principal Exporter of Dominican Culture by the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago (Dominican Republic) , in 2013 it was considered A Cultural Assets of the Cibao Region by the Ministry of Culture of Dominican Republic, in the same year it was rated one of the top ten museums in the Caribbean and in 2014, as the second best attraction worth visiting in Santiago de los Caballeros (Dominican Republic) by the travel website TripAdvisor.